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Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara

ITESO is Guadalajara’s Jesuit University belongs to the network of over 230 Jesuit colleges and universities around the world. CEGINT Center for Innovation and Technology Management It is through CEGINT that ITESO promotes Innovation and Technology Management (ITM) and provides services for high-impact companies at the different stages of their development, from start-up to maturity, in order to increase their productivity and competitiveness.


ITESO, founded in 1957, the university characteristics are:

  • High academic level
  •  State of the art technology
  • Strong commitment to society through research and community projects
  • Jesuit model of education
  • Strong relationship with federal and state governments & industry
  • 405 agreements with universities, government, enterprises

CEGINT is a Technology Transfer Office that promotes the generation and appropriation of knowledge, technological development, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation by bringing a variety of social actors together in order to increase their competitiveness and to contribute to the overall development of the region.

  • We lead and organize projects that generate a high academic, social, regional and economic
    impact, in collaboration with all areas of the ITESO.
  • We are a high-performance, disruptive, and results-oriented team.
  • We keep a Catalog of University Competencies at

It started operations in November 2003. Offer the following specialized services for the promotion of Innovation and Technology Transfer:

  • Technological Business Incubator
  • Business Acceleration
  • Knowledge Transfer Unit
  • Project Management Unit
  • Competitive Intelligence Unit
  • Tecnological Park
  •  Mobile Application Laboratory
  • Open Innovation Lab

Industrial Sectors Served

The industrial sectors in which we have research and development projects are:

  • Information technologies
  • Electronics
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Food and beverages
  • Chemestry
  • Nutrition

ICT Labs infrastructure:
I. Design of Circuits and Electronic Devices

  • Analogic Electronics
  • Digital Systems
  • Radiofrecuency and microwave
  • CAD methods
  • Embeded systems

II. High Performance Software

  • Semantic Web and Multiagent systems
  • Image processing
  • Patern recognitizion and optimization
  • Paralel Computing

III. Innovation and Technology Management

  • Technological Intelligency
  • Technological Strategy
  • Services Science

Redes sociales:

Motive to Have the Meeting

At the Department of Electronics, Systems and Informatics we are committed not only to teaching but also to research. We are the Department with most researchers accredited by the National System of Research.

Moreover, we try that our research and development projects result in true innovations that can have a positive impact in society. We have developments in the areas that go from health care such a device to make rapid tests for tuberculosis to automotive like a method or algorithm to reprogram ECU over the air.

We are willing to discuss our capabilities and ideas looking for a way to turn them into real innovations.