19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA


NoMADA® Industries is a Mexican company founded in 2008 which is focused on the development of new technological solutions

in Hardware, Firmware and Software, based on world-class engineering and technology; Currently it has Distribution of its products at the National Level, as well as in Colombia, Canada and with a logistics center in Hong Kong.

About the founder – ING. Ricardo Saucedo Gallaga

Engineer in Electronics and Digital Systems with a specialization in Robotics from the Pan-American University Campus Bonaterra, in addition to having a Master’s Degree in Signal Processing in Hardware by the Campus Irapuato-Salamanca Engineering Division of the University of Guanajuato, obtaining first place in the three areas.

Main innovation

As an innovation company, our products include military-grade applications such as: explosives activation consoles for mining and demolition; to our own NoMADA® central processing unit (Novel Microcontroller-Assisted Development Architecture). Which allows any user to develop the electronic device they want for any application, from the lighting of an LED, to a flying drone and much more.

Main Social impact

Technological impact when creating a tool that allows any user to develop IoT applications, (considered the second industrial revolution), with a single “click”, and even without any knowledge of embedded systems. Economic, by allowing the creation of a whole new generation of companies (engineering houses) based on our technology; which in turn become agents of impact generators with their own technological developments, as well as the creation of sources of employment and goods.

  • Employees: 4
  • Year of Creation: 2008